Stainfield • St Andrew

Photo: Ashley Taylor, Push Creativity*

Nestling in parkland halfway along the Viking Way, the picturesque church of St Andrew’s boasts its own local adventurer. Who was the Wild Man of Stainfield? Come and read his fascinating story.
Pilgrims journeyed this way in ancient times, calling at the Benedictine nunnery sited here on route to the Witham Valley abbeys of Barlings and Bardney.
A concert in the church on 9th May - 7pm 9pm will celebrate adventurers and pilgrims in music and song.
Contact 01526 398303 for detail

Photo: Ashley Taylor, Push Creativity*
The Tyrwhitt Tapestries dating from 1711 permanently displayed in church,
Postcode: LN8 5JLclick here to find on Google Maps

Open: 9th-10th May, Saturday 10am - 4pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm.

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*Photo: Ashley Taylor, Push Creativity

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