An online record of key documents relating to the festival.

Click each document's name to open the PDF in a new page to read on screen. At the top of this new page, there will also be options to print or download onto your computer.

"The results for 2016 had exceeded those for 2015 as follows: 2016 income - £25,302 (2015 - £21,719), visitor numbers – 9916 (2015 - 7745) and the number of volunteers 742 (2015 - 652)."

2015 Minutes of the AGM

2016 Treasurer's Report

2016 Income and Expenditure

2016 Minutes of the AGM

2017 Poster Blank (print this to create a blank poster for the festival, ready for you to add your own message)

2017 Minutes of the AGM

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