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Claxby St Mary - Copyright Churches Festival
On a site used from pre Roman times, there has been a church here since at least 1300. Restored in 1870 but with 14th and 15th century features. Grand Jacobean monument. Victorian stained glass and modern window celebrating life of local man William Ogg. Five bells, medieval and Victorian.

Memorial Window for Georg Ogg - Copyright Churches Festival
As you open the door... Copyright Churches Festival
Altar Frontal

View the lovely new altar frontal designed and embroidered by the Cathedral embroiderers guild to commemorate the life or Rene Barton.

The beautiful altar frontal was purchased in 2014 with money donated from the family of Mrs Renee Barton in memory of their mother, a long-term resident of Claxby and former church warden. 

It was designed and worked by the ladies of the Lincoln Cathedral Needlework Guild. The design combines two themes:  the Virgin Mary (to whom this church is dedicated) and flowers and insects found in country gardens (because of Renee’s love of her garden).

Altar Frontal - Copyright Churches Festival

Understanding the altar frontal

A lovely way to think of the altar frontal is as a representation in embroidery of a Mary garden. This was a medieval tradition where the flowers in a garden were used to depict Mary’s virtues and events in her life; the garden then became a place for meditation and prayer. Similar themes are also found in Flemish and Belgian tapestries of the 14th and 15th centuries.

Central Cross

Fleur de Lys and Mystic rose are symbols of the Virgin Mary

Super frontal

Ivy - life eternal (because it is evergreen) and fidelity because it always clings to its support Clover leaf - the Trinity

Frontal Orphreys (side panels)

Violet - humility
Daisy -   innocence
Lily - purity of the Virgin Mary
Iris also known as the sword lily and used to portray the sorrow of the Virgin Mary for the Passion of our Lord
Narcissus – the triumph of Divine love over death
Columbine – the Holy Spirit because of its resemblance to a dove (columba is Latin for dove)
Acacia – immortality because of the durability of its wood

The Butterfly - resurrection
Bee - diligence and sense of order
Snail – slow cautious attitude

Copyright Churches Festival

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Open: 18-19th May, Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday

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