Claxby • St Mary

Claxby St Mary - Copyright Churches Festival *
You will get a warm welcome at this 14th century church, much altered in the 1870s. We have good Victorian stained glass, a founder’s tomb and an elaborate 16th century memorial as well as two corbel ends showing faces with tongues sticking out. We will also have a display depicting ‘The Spirit of Claxby.’ Claxby gone by - stories told in artifacts, Claxby present - village life in 21st century and Claxby the Future - what plans the church has going forward.

Memorial Window for Georg Ogg - Copyright Churches Festival *
As you open the door... Copyright Churches Festival *

Copyright Churches Festival *

Postcode: LN8 3YXclick here to find on Google Maps

Open: 11-12th May, Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday

* Photographs by Ashley Taylor of Push Creativity for the festival

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