Middle Rasen • St Peter and St Paul

Middle Rasen St Peter and St Paul - Copyright Churches Festival       Photo: Ashley Taylor, Push Creativity*

A warm welcome awaits everyone at St Peter & St Paul’s. Through the south entrance door, a splendid example of Norman work with three bands of mouldings of continuous motif, an inner zigzag, a middle band of crenellation and an outer band of beakheads. It is among the country’s most impressive Norman doorways. Displays will focus on ‘Spring in Summer’. Ploughmans lunches, cakes, tea and coffee served both days.
Postcode: LN8 3TS, click here to find on Google Maps

Open: 11-12th May, Saturday 10.30am - 4pm • Sunday 12noon - 4pm

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*Photo: Ashley Taylor, Push Creativity

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  1. Visited by chance today and was entranced by the church. It is tranquil within, but fascinating, the story of the architecturea and very unusual collection of styles is a gift for anyone interested in church design. The cherry tree in the churchyard was laden with blossom, and as a dedicated memorial recorder, I can see there are some interesting tombstones too. Thank you!