Searby cum Owmby • St Nicholas

Searby cum Owmby • St Nicholas
(photo David Hitchborne, Creative Commons Link)

Situated on The Viking Way, the 1830s’ St Nicholas is brick built, light and peaceful, with stained glass windows, east window was reclaimed from a church in Eton. Late 1800s’ hand carved oak rood screen and oak pews each end having carved emblems depicting the apostles and tribes of Israel. Belfry open to view the static bells rung from an “Ellacombe Apparatus” and 1860s’ clock made and installed by Benson’s of London. WWI memorial plaque. Organ dating 1895. Some Parish records.

Postcode: DN38 6BQclick here to find on Google Maps

Open: 11-12th May
, Saturday 10am - 5pm • Sunday 10am - 5pm

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