Rothwell - St Mary Magdalene

Rothwell - St Mary Magdalene - Photo Richard Croft (Creative Commons License)

The church was refurbished around 1892 under John & Sedding and H Wilson Architects. A peal of three bells installed 1849. Rehung by Warners of Whitechapel. The cracked middle bell is 15th century. Re-cast treble bell dated 1613. A Forster & Andrews organ installed 1901. Stained glass windows from Burlinson & Grylls, dated 1921, also Glenn Carter, dated 1992. 
Display of flowers on theme of Baptism and Baptism Gowns. Hymns and Pimms Service on Sunday at 4pm. Teddy parachute jumping from the tower on Saturday at 3pm.
Postcode: LN7 6BBclick here to find on Google Maps

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Open 20-21st May, Saturday 10am - 4pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm

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