Rothwell - St Mary Magdalene

Rothwell - St Mary Magdalene - Photo Richard Croft (Creative Commons License)
The church was refurbished around 1892 under John & Sedding and H Wilson Architects. A peal of three bells installed 1849. Rehung by Warners of Whitechapel. The cracked middle bell is 15th century. Re-cast treble bell dated 1613. A Forster & Andrews organ installed 1901. Stained glass windows from Burlinson & Grylls, dated 1921, also Glenn Carter, dated 1992. 
VE Day display, Memorial Fountain and museum. Sunday 4pm, Songs of Praise type service.
Postcode: LN7 6BBclick here to find on Google Maps

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Open 7-8th May, Saturday 10am - 4pm • Sunday 10am - 5pm

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