Buslingthorpe - St Michael

Buslingthorpe St Michael *

St Michael’s church stands framed by large trees surrounding a part-moated farm, it is one of the few remaining buildings of the site of a deserted medieval village. Apart from its square tower, the church was rebuilt in brick in 1835. Unassuming outside, it hides treasures within; two 14th century monuments to the De Buslingthorpe family - one a brass effigy of a knight in armour on a tomb chest showing clearly the clothes worn in battle at that time.

Buslingthorpe Church family tomb chest from the late 13th century. The effigy of a knight has his head on a cushion supported by angels. He is dressed in chain mail, a helmet and a surcoat.*

Postcode: LN3 5AT, click here to find on Google Maps

Open: 11-12th May, 
Saturday 10am-4pm • Sunday 10am-4pm

* Photographs by Ashley Taylor of Push Creativity

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